Rent An Executive

homeAre you between executives?  Dr. Edwards can help you move forward while your executive search is underway.  Her ability to quickly adapt to the culture and organizational norms while keeping her eye on the horizon will help maintain your competitive advantage during your time of transition.

"Dr. Edwards is recognized in our province for her commitment to her community through tireless time contributed in volunteer work, advocacy and professional contributions. She is highly talented in balancing the bottom line in tight economic times while ensuring people remain first and foremost in decision making. It is this strong sense of value and skill that positions Dr. Edwards as a chosen and trusted leadership resource in the post-secondary sector and in her community and province."

Don Gnatiuk
President and CEO, Grande Prairie Regional College
Chair, AACTI Council of Presidents

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Strategic Communication:
Effective Communication in Challenging Scenarios

Leadership Development:
Leadership Capacity at All Levels

Organizational Development:
Strategies to Transform

Mentor and Coach:
Sound Leadership and Experience

Rent An Executive:
Maintain Competitive Advantage

The Right People at the Right Time

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