Organizational Development

image-024aYour workplace has a culture – one that will move you forward or prevent you from reaching the desired future.  Build your company with cohesive, inclusive training that will give individuals ownership and focus their efforts in a proactive positive direction. From examining the current situation to moving forward with your goals Dr. Edwards will bring skills and future-thinking to your teams. It has often been said that “culture always wins”… Dr. Edwards will help you build strategies to transform your organization.

Recent Presentations Relating to Organizational Development:

  • Extreme Makeover: College Edition” (with Steven Dyck and Mary Blais, Academica Group)
    Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Prince George, BC
  • Changing Culture, Building Leaders” (with Jean Madill)
    International Chair Academy, Jacksonville, FL
  • “Building Capacity”
    President’s Academy, Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Whistler, BC
  • A Technology Partnership” (Jan Baltzer, Executive Vice-President, Sungard)
    National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD), Austin, TX

"Dr. Edward is a tireless…outstanding community leader. "

Rajko Dodic
City of Lethbridge
Sipiookitopil (Night Rider)

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Strategic Communication:
Effective Communication in Challenging Scenarios

Leadership Development:
Leadership Capacity at All Levels

Organizational Development:
Strategies to Transform

Mentor and Coach:
Sound Leadership and Experience

Rent An Executive:
Maintain Competitive Advantage

The Right People at the Right Time

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