Mentor and Coach

Tracy Edwards

‘I just need to bounce some ideas …’ –  ‘What do I do now?…’ – I’m at a loss…’ “ What are the next steps?” Dr. Edwards can be your mentor, your coach and your sounding board.  Senior leadership experiences in organizations across North America have built Dr. Edwards’ portfolio of sound leadership practice and experience, second to none. You will learn how to build on your strengths to move forward in this fast paced world of change.

Recent Presentations Relating to Mentoring and Coaching:

  • So You Want to Be a President, Eh?”
    Innovations, League for Innovation in the Community College, Denver, CO
  • Rallying the Troops” (with Pat McMillan, Board of Governors’ Chair)
    American Community College Trustees (ACCT), Orlando, FL
  • “The President Wears Panty Hose”
    International Women’s Day Keynote Speaker, University of Lethbridge
  • Excellence and Success. . . Is there a Difference?”
    Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony, VCC, FL

"She was deserving of the name Matoomikkistaki (Blackfoot for First Offering), because of the first offerings she made to the Blackfoot people. I do not name just anybody. It is always someone special and deserving. She brought us pride of being Blackfoot because she included us and we felt very much a part. "

Francis First Charger
Blackfoot Elder and Educator
Ninnaisipistoo (Owl Chief)

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Strategic Communication:
Effective Communication in Challenging Scenarios

Leadership Development:
Leadership Capacity at All Levels

Organizational Development:
Strategies to Transform

Mentor and Coach:
Sound Leadership and Experience

Rent An Executive:
Maintain Competitive Advantage

The Right People at the Right Time

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