Leadership Development

Tracy Edwards

Every organization needs strong leaders throughout its ranks – those at the top as well as those that naturally rise amongst their peers. Tracy inspired a culture of leadership development at all levels.   Working with Dr. Edwards, your organization will develop leadership capacity and build a strong foundation for moving forward into a future much different than you might have envisioned.

Recent Presentations Relating to Leadership Development:

  • Transformational Leadership
    Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Halifax, NS
  • Leadership, Change and Trust
    Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Niagara Falls, ON
  • “The Changing Face of Leadership”
    Southern Alberta CMA Chapter, Lethbridge
  • Generative Leadership
    Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Montreal, QC
  • “Leaders Who Inspire”
    Keynote for George Brown Leadership Retreat, Toronto, ON
  • The Artistry of Community College Leadership
    National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD), Austin, Texas

"Tracy is a courageous and tireless leader…a strategic thinker and visionary."

R.L. (Randy) Jespersen, ICD.D.
Board Chair
Lethbridge College

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Strategic Communication:
Effective Communication in Challenging Scenarios

Leadership Development:
Leadership Capacity at All Levels

Organizational Development:
Strategies to Transform

Mentor and Coach:
Sound Leadership and Experience

Rent An Executive:
Maintain Competitive Advantage

The Right People at the Right Time

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