Strategic Communication

LG Award-118Knowing what to say, to whom, and when is an art.  Dr. Edwards has successfully navigated and negotiated through the network intricacies vital to business success. She crafts clear concise messaging sensitive to organizational and political nuance, recognizing the importance of cascading communication.  Dr. Edwards is a born story-teller.   Her expertise in dealing with challenging scenarios brings a unique perspective to developing effective communication strategies.

Recent Presentations Relating to Strategic Communication:

  • “It’s in the Wind: From Rural Canada to the World Stage” (with Peter Leclaire)
    Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Charlottetown, PEI
  • A Japanese/Canadian Partnership: Lethbridge College and the Nippon Institute of
    Technology” (with Jun Haraguchi, NIT, Tokyo, Japan)
    World Congress on International Education, New York, NY
  • Rallying the Troops” (with Pat McMillan, Board of Governors’ Chair)
    American Community College Trustees (ACCT), Orlando, FL

"Inspired innovation…persistence, creativity and dedication were clearly demonstrated. Dr. Edwards inspired a sense of pride in her staff, students and all of us in southern Alberta."
Bev Thornton, Executive Director
Alberta SouthWest Regional Economic Development Alliance (REDA)

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Strategic Communication:
Effective Communication in Challenging Scenarios

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