The Death of Strat Planning

The Death of Strat Planning

Not since the industrial age has the world changed as much as it has in the last five to ten years.  Social media has exploded. . . computer software programs do things that humans used to do. . . the playing field in business and industry hasn’t just evolved, it has morphed into something totally different.

Strategic planning was great in the past when structures and systems were fixed and environmental change was slow.  Now, thinking beyond a year’s window is untenable; accepting the dynamism that is in play around us is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.  Watching the horizon, paying attention to changing technologies and embracing “non status quo” will be key.  The players that focus on policy binders/plans for three to five year windows are playing an old game, and their competitors will take full advantage of them.

On the HR side, people are craving connection.  Although we are totally wired, the value proposition that the workplace provides is often lacking.  We want to feel challenged and appreciated.  We want to be heard and we want to be engaged.  We want to feel part of “what will be” so that we understand our place in the organization, not just for today, but for tomorrow.

So, leaders have new work to do.  Old paradigms and processes sadly are boat anchors, weighing on an organization’s ability to be nimble in the new world.

There is a sea change afoot. . . well, realistically, it has already happened.  How organizations choose to adapt (or not) will determine what the future holds. Standing still is not an option.


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